It’s been a wonderful summer . . .

It has been a wonderful summer.  Here in the Northwest Washington, we treasure summer (until it gets over 75, when we start to overheat!).  Long warm days, blue skies–everyone’s focus is simple:  Go outside!  I’ve been fortunate to have had time off and a great vacation.  It’s been fun.

But now it’s time to get back to work, starting with a Quit Smoking class at Whatcom Community College on Monday night, and next month another 3-session Weight Control through Hypnosis workshop–see the calendar for dates.

Looking ahead, we’ll be repeating both the Quit Smoking and Weight Control workshops at Whatcom Community College in January, and adding two more:  one on hypnosis and focused attention and test anxiety strategies for students, and one on hypnosis for goal setting.  Both new workshops incorporate some of the recent research on motivation and on cognition that I’ve written about here. When we get the dates firmed up I’ll add them to the calendar–or you can check the Whatcom Community College website.

I’m excited to be starting another new season of classes.  Working with groups is so rewarding–for one thing, it’s a very affordable way for people to experience the power of hypnosis.  For another, groups are so good at supporting each other, and I find that inspiring.  I always learn so much!

Perhaps I’ll see you there–

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