Learning about pain control (and other wonders) at the Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe

I am just back from an amazing 2 weeks at the Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe. I took an intensive class in medical support hypnotherapy, and I learned so much more about helping people access their own inner ability to heal.

To clarify, medical support hypnosis, or medical hypnotherapy, is not a medical procedure or practice. Instead, it is the use of hypnosis to support medical treatment. (Hypnosis itself is essentially a self-help skill, which it is my privilege to facilitate for my clients.) I’ve spent the last couple of weeks learning and practicing hypnosis techniques to support treatment for a host of conditions–arthritis, diabetes, IBS,  to name just a few.

One of the most exciting things was learning about helping people with chronic pain.  The power of our minds to control our experience with pain is amazing.  In class last week I was able to help people control sensations in their hands, including developing full anesthesia (no sensation at all)!   I’m really looking forward to using these techniques with clients.

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