New hypnosis workshops at Whatcom Community College in January and February

The Power of Self Hypnosis for Positive Change

I’m offering a new one-session introduction to self hypnosis at Whatcom Community College on January 29th from 6:30 to 8:30. You’ll practice several ways to go into a hypnotic state, and learn how to craft suggestions that can help you meet your goals.  You’ll leave the class ready to use self-hypnosis, a powerful tool for making changes.

Hypnosis for Weight Control I & II

This two-part series of classes at WCC is designed to transform your experience with food and strengthen your relationship with your own body.  It’s time to give up the battle, appreciate yourself for who you are right now, and learn how to move beyond old, stressful patterns that keep you from enjoying a healthy body at a healthy weight.  Class content is based on research in habit change, willpower, and how our bodies process the foods we choose.  First session is on Wednesdays from February 5 to February 19; second session is Wednesdays from February 26 to March 12.

To register, contact Whatcom Community Education at 360-383-3200 or visit Feel free to contact me for more info at


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