New Weight Control with Hypnosis class at WCC

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the first series of Weight Control with Hypnosis classes that is coming up on Tuesday May 5th.  I’ve been doing this 3-session class at Whatcom Community College for about 7 years now.  Last quarter, for the first time, I followed it with a second series, Weight Control with Hypnosis II.  This new class was prompted by feedback from participants of the first class who said they weren’t ready to stop, and by my own sense that there were things I couldn’t do in 3 sessions that were worth doing.  I am excited to do the class again in Spring quarter.

The first series, Weight Control with Hypnosis I, is a pre-requisite for the second series. (The college offers a discount for taking both.) The first series focuses on self acceptance, right now, just as we are, leaving behind the negative feelings that come with weight problems—feelings like shame and self-blame. Then we work with mindfulness as a tool both for better understanding what we need to do differently, and for being more aware of what drives us to the behaviors we want to change.  We also work with developing strategies to navigate our particular pitfalls—all this with the ultimate goal of developing a better relationship with food, and, in general, better health and wellbeing.

The second series starts on Tuesday May 27th, and I am excited to be doing this class again! We will focus on the kinds of things that typically get in the way once we start on the path to a healthy weight and well-being.  Things like the challenges of maintaining new routines, as well as the inevitable slips, holidays and birthdays, poor sleep, unrecognized blocks against letting go of weight, and of course stress in all its forms—all the things life throws at everyone from time to time.

If you are interested in learning more about the class, please do contact me for more information.

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