Food issues? Here’s a role model for change

When we are focused on change—habit change, behavior change, new job, that kind of thing—it helps to have a role model, someone who already knows what it’s like to be that person, who’s already reached our goals.  Maya Adam is that kind of role model, as she talks about rediscovering the pleasures and opportunities for human connection that come from giving time and energy to making and sharing real food.

She gives a brief overview of how we moved away from a healthy approach to food to our present chronic fear of food, but this is a tiny piece of the whole.  Mostly it’s an entertaining description of her conversion from working mom relying on processed food, to working mom who cooks—with an emphasis on creative, fun explorations with food for the whole family.

I found it inspiring. Inspiring because she talks about the process of her transformation, acknowledging some of the daunting challenges, like finding time. But mostly it’s inspiring because she’s reporting back from the other side of that transition to an authentic, satisfying, and joyful relationship with food.

Check it out, and as you listen to her charming stories, think about how it would feel to say the kinds of thing she’s saying about her experience with food.  Adopt the confidence she projects. Practice expecting to enjoy your discoveries.

And practice walking like someone who has already made the journey to your destination.  It will help create your own roadmap to success.

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