State of medical hypnosis–in France

A couple of brief articles from France caught my attention the other day—one in the UK’s Daily Mail and one in a French English-language news site—about hypnosis used in the operating room to assist surgeons in safely removing a tumor from a professional singer’s vocal chords.  Called “a world first,” the surgery took place near Paris at the Henri-Mondor hospital.  Alama Kante had only a local anesthetic, and sang during the delicate procedure, allowing the doctors to see how the surgery was progressing.  There’s a description of the procedure here, and the Daily Mail has an interview with Ms Kante 2 months post procedure.

I’d heard that emergency responders in France are trained in hypnosis, and that it is also used in French hospitals for treating pain from burn injuries.  The article says that hypnosis been used as anesthesia in French hospitals since 1992.  Maybe, a hundred-plus years since its introduction to Western medicine, hypnosis for anesthesia will make a comeback!

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