Take a small step to a healthier life

Hate exercise? Don’t want to go outside? Hate the weather? Hate the gym? Don’t have time?

It’s a familiar refrain, whenever the topic of weight comes up, so if this is you, you probably already know you’re not alone.

So what’s up with that? If there were an operating manual for human life, it would surely include directions for maintaining the body’s ability to move. Even if we could ignore the barrage of evidence for the miraculous benefits of exercise, we have to notice that humans are moving from the moment we’re conceived. It’s in the design.

Like it or not, it’s a given: a healthy life includes a healthy amount of movement.

Forget “exercise.”  Forget “the gym.” (Unless you already love exercise and the gym, in which case you can just skip the rest of this post.)

If you are allergic to activity, or if your ability to move is compromised, try thinking about it this way: the smallest thing you can do to include movement in your day is also the most powerful thing you can do.

It might be as simple as adding a few steps or stairs in your daily routine.  Getting up out of your chair once an hour to stretch or walk down the hall.  Parking a little further away from the grocery store entrance, or getting off the bus one stop earlier—most of my example include walking because I love walking, but you get the idea.

The smallest thing is the most powerful thing because it’s the simplest way to get started on something new—so often starting is the hardest part of any desired change.  Think about the commitment involved in deciding to walk around the block after you get home from work versus joining a gym, buying new exercise clothes and shoes, finding the times in the week to get to the gym, learning to use all that equipment . . . .

By all means if you love the idea of jumping in with both feet and committing to a gym membership and making the time to use it, and you can really see yourself making it part of your lifestyle, do it!

But if you think about being a gym rat and your gut says an emphatic “no,” chances are good it’s not the best first step for you. And that’s fine!  The point is just to start.  First start, and then keep looking for the activity that’s so rewarding, so much fun, that you just keep going.  Maybe that’ll lead you to the gym, or not.  Maybe you’ll be hula-hooping, dancing, yogasizing, running, swimming, biking or finding your place on some team sport, I don’t know.  But I do know that when you find the fun, nothing will make you want to go back to the couch.

So where’s hypnosis in all this?  Well, hypnosis can help, either working with a hypnotist or using self hypnosis.  It can help you make and keep the commitment to give your body the activity it needs—it could just be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

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