Ready for change? Sign up for the next Weight Control with Hypnosis class

I’m getting ready for the next series of Weight Control with Hypnosis classes starting October 15 at Whatcom Community College, and I’m getting excited! It is so great to see people using these classes to make so many positive changes in their lives, and I love seeing so many wonderful people supporting each other in this work.

I often boast that the only side effect of hypnosis is relaxation—and it’s true, I assure you—but when it comes to this class, there’s another, equally wonderful side effect: it will introduce you to a new, positive way of thinking about the daily care and maintenance of your body, mind, and spirit. And I mean your body—not mine or your sister’s or your neighbor’s—your body, your mind, your spirit. Your well-being.

Big words; a big promise. Especially since every body is unique; therefore every path on the road to well-being is unique. And yet, we’ll discover, a lot of the milestones—and the obstacles—that people face look pretty similar.

We’ll talk about this stuff in class—in between relaxing hypnosis sessions—and you’ll see that it is possible to let go of the barriers between you and your healthy weight. Not just possible—it’s doable.

For you that might mean breaking some bad habits, or making new healthier habits.

It might mean clarifying your motivation (it’s the cornerstone for solid, dependable willpower, and everyone needs willpower, no matter what they weigh!).

It might mean banishing cravings that torment you when you try to eat in a healthier way.

It might mean finding ways to nourish yourself that have nothing to do with food.

It might include recognizing and changing attitudes that don’t serve your commitment to your own wellbeing.

I know that’s a daunting list, but all these things, and more, come up in each class, and we work with them, and through them. With hypnosis, you’ll find it doesn’t have to be a battle—and each small change has powerful, enduring rewards!

If you’re interested and have questions about the class, or hypnosis in general, please do feel free to contact me. And you can use this link to register for the class.

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