New classes for 2016 at Whatcom Community College

I’m getting ready for some new classes at WCC for Winter quarter–in addition to the classes in the popular weight loss series, we’re adding 2 brand new ones.  On February 6, a Saturday, we’re doing a class on sleep–everything you ever wanted to know about sleep–facts, myths, and some pretty cool tools for those of us who suffer from occasional insomnia, including a recording designed to ease you into a deep and refreshing night’s sleep.

The other new class is also a Saturday morning class on March 5–this one is focused on enhancing creativity.  Again, facts, myths, exercises, and a new recording.  This is for anyone who’s interested in the topic–from those who just want to explore the possibilities to those who’ve had trouble with blocks or other obstacles when it comes to their creative projects.

I’m looking forward to both classes! Registration info is listed on the Events page, or you can contact WCC directly via phone or internet, And of course you are welcome to contact me for more info.


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