Happy Holidays all!

Now that the longest night of the year is over, I’m ready to count my blessings–we’re turning the corner, heading slowly but surely toward the longer days of Spring. (And I’m ready to think about something other than dangerous processed foods–it gets depressing!)

Other than more daylight, most of the blessings I’m counting are people, and I’m feeling lucky to be able to celebrate the holiday with so many of the people I love and care for, who love and care for me.  There are other blessings, too, like the opportunity to do work that matters, work that makes me happy.

And today I remind myself that, although I have the ordinary human desire for more, more of everything, the basic stuff, the food and shelter and clothing and safety and enough money–all of that–I know how lucky I am just to have enough, and how lucky to be able to take that for granted.

We’re human, and impermanent, and inevitably all things will change, but it sure feels good right now to stop and cherish these gifts, the blessings of the day.

Happy Holidays, all.

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