Stage hypnosis vs. hypnotherapy

I’m not a fan of stage hypnosis shows. I don’t enjoy watching people being influenced to behave in ways that would make me feel embarrassed. So I’m not likely to show up on stage as either the hypnotist or the hypnotized entertainment—not anytime soon, anyway.

What’s interesting to me about stage hypnotists is that when I get over my aversion to embarrassing myself or others, I can appreciate the way they demonstrate the power we have when we’re in that naturally-occurring altered state we call hypnosis.

In a hypnosis show, there’s a specific social context. The participants are the hypnotist, the volunteers on stage, and the audience. Everyone is involved in creating the show, the spectacle. The shared expectation is that the participants and the audience will be involved together in creating an entertaining experience. There will be surprises; people will surprise themselves and others by behaving oddly.

That shared expectation is an important component of the hypnosis experience, whether the context is a stage show, or a quiet office during a hypnotherapy session. In the stage show, the expectation is shared among all the participants. In a hypnotherapy session, it’s shared between the hypnotist and the client.

When potential clients contact me, I offer a (free) brief introductory session; I do it because it becomes an opportunity to establish that shared expectation—not for the purpose of entertainment, but to help clients benefit from the innately healing nature of the hypnosis trance state.

I say it’s innately healing, and what I’m referring to is the healing effect of being deeply relaxed—something I think we all could use more of.

Many of the people I see in my practice have seen hypnosis shows. They already know I’m not going to embarrass them in public, but they also have to trust that I have the skill to help them into that altered state of heightened, self-directed, focused attention—and then help them use that state in a healthy and productive way.

So I have mixed feelings about stage hypnosis. It makes me cringe, but I’m happy that other people have a chance to witness the power of the mind to change our perceptions and our behavior.

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