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Next group session for Weight Control Support is at my office on Thursday June 20th, at 6:30pm.

Upcoming classes at Personal Growth Hypnotherapy
Classes include two brief hypnosis sessions to facilitate relaxation and learning, and a recording to use for continuing support.  Please bring a pillow, blanket, and mat–or whatever you need to relax in a chair or on the floor.

Sleep Now!
This was the phrase that many old-school hypnotists used to send people into trance–and I couldn’t resist using it as the title for this class! But in all seriousness, anyone who’s struggled to get good sleep knows it’s one of the cornerstones of good health and wellbeing. And as science learns more about the restorative functions of sleep, it’s clear that good sleep can mitigate many of the debilitating aspects of aging. If you are interested in seeing how hypnosis can help with sleep, or just want to learn more about sleep, this 2-hour class is for you.

Check back for the next scheduled class or feel free to contact me directly.

Classes at Whatcom Community College
We are still hearing the same old advice about dieting to lose weight. But, as most of us who’ve been on the diet merry-go-round can attest, dieting alone doesn’t help us keep weight off long-term, or develop a healthy, satisfying, and sustainable relationship with food. These classes can help. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Of course, *results may vary from person to person.