Weight Loss

Ready to let go of extra weight?  Well, congratulations for deciding to explore hypnosis for weight loss. This really can change your life. (Of course, results will vary from person to person.*)

As a hypnotist who has specialized in helping people weight problems since 2007, I know hypnosis works. I’ve helped countless people use hypnosis to support a real transformation, from struggling with weight to a relaxed, healthy and positive approach to food and activity.

When it comes to weight loss, we’ve been bombarded with misinformation, scared by science, lectured on lifestyle changes—and our own feelings and fears can lead to toxic shame. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

For some, hypnosis feels like a magic wand, when simple hypnotic suggestions make it easy to make good choices, or get out the door to the gym. For others, it’s helpful in changing the way we think and feel about our bodies and our weight.

My unique and effective program won’t tell you what to eat, or how much and when to exercise. Instead, we’ll use the profoundly relaxing state of hypnosis to strengthen the thoughts and behaviors that foster self acceptance and mindful attention to your body, your emotions, and your relationship with food. After that, our focus shifts to identifying and strengthening your deep motivation to make whatever changes you think necessary to enhance health and wellbeing—and that, you will find, affects much more than your weight. For the better.

If you have suffered feelings of shame or self-blame, feeling like a failure, or believing that controlling your weight is a battle you can’t win, know that, together, we can truly change your experience. Fortunately, being in a hypnotic state is inherently relaxing; the most common side effects people report include things like, “My blood pressure is down,” or “I’m sleeping better.” Couldn’t we all use more of this kind of side effect?

Please contact me if you have questions about the program or would like to meet me for a brief introduction to hypnosis—I welcome the chance to share the benefits of this remarkable process.

If you decide to proceed with my program, you should expect to attend five or six sessions at roughly weekly intervals.

And, again, remember that, as with any treatment, *results may vary from person to person.